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  1. Forces of Chaos
    Ive been looking at the chaos Lord in my list and I not sure how to equip him!! I know I want a Chaos lord on Bike with Mon to go with my other Nurgle Bikers as T6 is nasty on anything, Plus a sigil of corruption to give some survivability against AP3 etc But Im just not sure about weapon load...
  2. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    New List for my Chaos Lord of Re-rolling LORDS: 354/375 :bomb: Chaos Lord/MoT Barded steed/shield Helm of Many Eyes Sword of Rending Talisman of Preservation This guy goes with Left Hook, a unit of 6 stupid trolls. HEROES: 374/375 Festus Sits in with Uppercut, 4 poison attacks per man ouch...
  3. Hobby Forums
    I have nothing against the official Typhus model, but is does suffer from LETS (Last Edition Terminator Syndrome) and so is a bit on the small side compared to the new plastics. Therefore, with the plastic terminator lord in one hand and a wad of green stuff in the other, this is my version. As...
  4. Forces of Chaos
    Does anyone have a recommended strategy for using a Khorne Juggernaut? What equipment, what squad should i place him with, how to use him with that squad, etc. any info on juggernauts in general would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. Forces of Chaos
    Hey, I'm getting ready to start using my nurgle army again, and I was wondering what people's views on chaos steeds were. Are they effective/worth the points. The one I had in mind was a palanquin for my Lord, giving him MoN, and either daemon weapon or dual lightening claws (criticisms and...
1-5 of 5 Results