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  1. Warriors of Chaos
    Greetings fellow WoC players and LO members, In preparation for a massive undertaking with a new WoC army I thought that I would post a question that I can not seem to get any real solid advice or experience with: "Is placing a character such as a Sorcerer Lord in a Chariot a viable option...
  2. 40k Army Fluff
    Good Afternoon All, If things go to plan, I will be including little bits of fluff for my Marine Force(s). I'll probably devote a post to a character or unit at a time. (Some might even have home-brew or co-opted special rules). For today, I have included Both Sandalphon and...
  3. Rules Development
    I have 'unoficially' closed this thread, and moved it somewhere else. Look in the 'Tau Empire' section. If anyone knows how to delete this thread, please inform me!
  4. Vampire Counts
    I have been wondering for a while whether it would be better to put the spell casting characters in a unit of behind them? I have been putting them in the unit to keep them safe from ranged attack. But would it better to put them behind the unit so that they are protected from combat?
  5. Xenos Forces
    For those who use the named characters in our codex, do you only play them at the points-value games suggested in their entries (Vect @ 2000, Lelith & Kruellagh @ 1500, etc.) or do you ignore that and play them whenever you want? I would rather like to play Vect or Lelith instead of my...
  6. Dwarfs
    Hello when ever i play i play with an exspensive lord who is nearly unkillable, but someone at my local GW said why not try playing a game without an exspensive lord. I considered this but thought my lord can make his cost back in 2 or 3 combat phases (he has an oathstone so must accept and...
1-6 of 6 Results