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  1. 40K Supplements
    Now I'm a cheap guy and i have a crappy job so I'm short on cash. I do have a large army but I'm always looking for ways to save cash. is there any things i can use to make war engines? I'm chaos and i wonder if theres anyways to home make things i can use or convert to use in my table top army.
  2. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    This list stemmed from three things. One - I have 36 warriors I am not doing anything with and suddenly learned that having MSU of warriors is generally not the best thing. Two - it is fairly cheap to acquire (relative to GW prices that is). Three - read the lore for Festus, loved it, and...
  3. LoBay
    I'm trying to sell my tyranids as I want a brand new army and have no space in halls, They are painted/unpainted to a mediocre standard but can all be stripped easily, some gaunts don't have a base. But there is a sythed heirodule in there as well in great condition (painted) please can someone...
  4. LoBay
    I find myself in need of some emergency cash so I need to abandon my plans of building an Empire army and try to sell what I have at a huge discount. Up for sale is a lot of Empire models as well as the most recent Empire codex and a set of WHFB Magic Cards. All models are fully assembled...
  5. LoBay
    Selling a crap load of space space marine stuff 40 Black Reach Marines 25 tac marines painted Dark Angel (could be more, I dont wanna count them, include plasma cannons, heavy bolters, plastic veterans etc) 10 Assault marines Dark Angel 5 scouts with sniper and 1 with missile launcher 5 metal...
  6. Completed Tutorials
    Hey guys, No, this isn't my tutorial, so I won't dare copy and paste it for respect of its owner, but I will post a link here @ LO for everybody elses use: Les Bursley's AwesomePaintJob: APJ: Resources - For wargaming miniature painting - Commissions and painting! The gentlemans name is Les...
  7. Introductions
    Hey everyone, not sure on the rules and stuff but just looking at saying Hi, and are there any WFB or WH40k players in China? There are a bunch of expats from Australia, Canada, America, England and others here in the city i work at, (Im Australian) and a few of us are into Warhammer. Playing...
  8. Vampire Counts
    I have read that a cheap way to make zombies and skeletons is to buy 20mm bases and just use any leftover bits like the arms and heads. Would this work for ghouls? And if not is there any way to build cheap ghouls?
1-8 of 8 Results