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  1. Orc and Goblin Army Lists
    Hey all!!! Thanks for all the great threads, discussion and advice, you guys are all awesome :D Played a bunch of games in 8th with O&G now and I'm pretty attuned to their strength and weaknesses. In the process of moving to another army that is more competitive, but before I do so I would...
  2. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    This coming Friday, at the end of the week, I'm up against an Empire geek, He fears my army deep down in his bones, "You always cheese me," he groans and moans, "Throgg's vomit is imba, it's just plain sick, And don't get me started on bloody Wulfric! No Festus cheese and his regen crew, No...
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    Well here goes, 2 of my mates from our club found a little loophole in the new 'dex, apparently each 'psyker' is listed under Inquisitorial warband seperately, ie, Psyker.. Blah,blah. So he put together the following list> Torquemada Corteaz Inquisitor w/Conversion beamer Vindicare Assassin...
  4. Skaven Army List
    Hey there! I have thought about building a skaven army (around 2k points). However I'm kinda new to building good armies and gaming with them overall so therefor I would like some advice from the elites themselves:) I'm a big fan of Clan Moulder and I think they are the most badass clan of...
  5. Forces of Imperium
    Alright if you didn't have to pay for any thing and you had three months to build and paint before a tournament that you wanted to WIN....not 2nd, not 3rd but destroy people what would a space wolves army look like? i would like to have the thunder wolf cav. x 5 and a
  6. Warriors of Chaos
    Me and my friends are going to be playing in a small tournament. The goal is essentially to make the cheesiest 1100 point army possible. We have relaxed the rules for army building to allow for even more crazyness. We can take 2 chracters, and one of the two may be a lord level if you so...
  7. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey everyone out there! Now I am looking for a request. I am wondering what you guys think a thousand points of cheese looks and feels like. And I am talking some good hard cheese. Just give me some examples cause I know a thousand points of nids is hard to make "cheezey". Thanks guys.
  8. Wood Elf Army Lists
    So there is a local tournament where everyone is bringing a "cheese" army. We are all friends so its not a problem. So the toughest and nastiest army I could think of was a dual treeman list with a bsb. Here is my first attempt at a 2,250 cheese list: Treeman Ancient Cluster, Annoyance...
  9. Chaos Army Lists
    hello all, you may have seen my other requesting cheese lists but I am just looking to see what my friends should include in their armies. So may I get a list which is VERY competitive and cheesy.
1-9 of 10 Results