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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    HQ Deamon prince 155 wings slaanesh lash Choas lord 140 Khorne Deamon weapon Elites 5 Chosen 205 2 meltas 5 plasma guns Rhino Bolters 5 Terminators 185 Slannesh Chain fist Combi weapons x 2 Heavy flamer land raider 220...
  2. Forces of Chaos
    I have recently started my first army of chaos daemons. I want to know what i shuold buy ,how to paint and some good tackticks. At the moment i have: bloodletters X10 Horros X5 Masque Skulltaker Nurgle daemon prince. I plan to get/make: Bloodcrusher Herald on chariot of khrone. Seekers X5 Blue...
  3. Chaos Army Lists
    So, the local GW store is holding a tournament a while from now and I was feeling like showing my devotion to the dark gods by bringing in my Daemons. I had thought out a list and wanted some feed back on it. It’s good to get an opinions from other followers. Tournament Grade Daemons 2250...
1-3 of 3 Results