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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    I've played a couple of nurgle based lists and have had some luck with a few of the units but everytime I seem to have a number of units that seem ok on paper but just dont do anything on the table, So I've come up with the following list: HQ: Chaos Lord Bike Mark of Nurgle Axe of Blind Fury...
  2. Hobby Forums
    So, I've seen this discussion in the WoC folder, never got a response, but figured this would be better to ask this here anyways as this is where conversions mostly take place. Okay, so there are a couple things I have to do to my army, first of all. Apparently almost all my melee units should...
  3. Hobby Forums
    Planning out the next phase of my collection, and I want to make some Slaaneshi Chosen in the Flawless Host colours to go with the Lord I copied from the Chaos Codex. Does anybody know where I could find pictures of, or have tips for making, Chosen with Tyrannid Ravener tails?
  4. Empire
    i recently decided to start a themed Empire army, a mercenary force available to the highest bidder. being a rather big Sharpe fan however, i felt that making homage to the good 'ol chosen men (the regiment of ragtag rogues he so effectively leads) was compulsory. So my key handgunner squad are...
  5. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    HERO: 190 :devil: Sorcerer Level II [Fire God] Ruby Ring of Ruin Power Familiar Homunculus After using level 1 fireballs from Ring & Book [from Chosen], this guy will mop up with a BIG fireball and some other spell [Cloak or Sword would be nice]. Should be very effective with an extra power die...
1-5 of 5 Results