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  1. Social Networking
    Hello! I am the owner of a stationery/hobby shop in Rhyl, North Wales. We have recently started stocking Games Workshop products (prices are standard 5% less than retail) and we are hosting tabletop games days on Saturday Afternoons in the shop. The tabletop games will be limited to mostly...
  2. Social Networking
    New gaming club has started in cambridge Sons of War Every Wednesday 6.00pm til 10.30pm 28th Cambridge Scout Hut Flamsteed Road off Rustat Rd Cambridge CB1 3QU £3 per session as a one off £2.50 per session with 6 month membership at £10 Annual Membership £15 9 gaming tables with...
  3. Social Networking
    Hi all, Brunel Onslaught: wargames society is a brand new wargaming club run by students at Brunel university, Uxbridge. On the off chance that you attend Brunel and are reading this - please dont hesitate to join our facebook group (link below). We play all games systems from games workshop...
  4. General Hobby Discussion
    I've been thinking a lot recently about the club I belong to as we've been discussing whether GCN membership is worth it. This has made me wonder exactly what makes a good club? Is it the cost, the camaraderie... If you belong to a club what do you think makes your club special? If you don't...
  5. General Hobby Discussion
    What do you think of the GCN. Is anyone a member of one of its clubs? Does anyone find being a member club useful? Would love to know other people's experiences of it. Does the GCN operate anywhere outside the UK?
  6. Social Networking
    To all those interested, I am 1) trying to start a club near Fresno (actually I am based in Lemoore CA) and 2) just trying to meet new people in the gereral area of Lemoore/Fresno. Just let me know via PM or an email to [email protected] will do. Have a great day!
  7. Introductions
    Hey everyone, not sure on the rules and stuff but just looking at saying Hi, and are there any WFB or WH40k players in China? There are a bunch of expats from Australia, Canada, America, England and others here in the city i work at, (Im Australian) and a few of us are into Warhammer. Playing...
  8. Social Networking
    Hello, I'm moving into this area next month. I was wondering if there is any groups around, or any players? Anything at all? If so, please respond. Please.
  9. Social Networking
    Finally remembered to put this up on here, Staffs Gaming (SG) is a local gaming club for those of us in the Staffordshire area, we play nearly any game, this includes Games workshops 40K, Fantasy systems and the Inquisitor RPG, Privateers Press’s Warmachine and Hordes and Vampire the masquerade...
  10. Social Networking
    I hold a tabletop battlegaming meet once every 4 weeks at Ellinbank, just out of Warragul. We meet in the Ellinbank Community Hall (next to the school). For details on exact dates as-well as contact details, visit WarhammerAu and check the calender and news forum or PM me!
1-10 of 10 Results