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  1. Forces of Imperium
    Ok so I'm thinking of making a succesor chapter to the Blood Angels, one a bit like the flesh tearers, so sort of like a chapter who knows they have the Black Rage, and use it to their advantage. However, they will do anything, and I mean literally anything, to get something that may get rid/...
  2. Xenos Forces
    to help me decide on a colour scheme please. I made a threadlike this on a Tuesday but I only got 3 useful replies out of 196 views, if you view this please reply because I need lots of colour scheme ideas to inspire me* and as my username says I’m a newbie.(even if you don’t paint Eldar please...
  3. Xenos Forces
    i recon its harder than the painting:struggle:(lol)..which colour scheme shall i use? please recomend some u have used or think look cool please incloude pictures. also is there a gallery on librerium?
  4. Hi

    hello im a newbie and need some advice.:cow:lol:rainbow:
  5. Empire
    I've been looking through Uniforms and Heraldry book and my eyes got caught on the Ostermark alternative Burgundy and White scheme. I haven't really seen any pictures of this army. I imagine it looks very striking on the battlefield, and was thinking about changing my army colour scheme. Does...
  6. Xenos Forces
    hey guys, i just bought my first box of gaunts and made 8 spinegaunrs from the hormagaunt bodies and 8 fleshgaunts from well the hormagaunt bodies. i also did some minor converting by heating up the tails and reposing them. they look great, it worked effectivly. im writing this because im...
  7. Hobby Forums
    i need some help deciding on the scheme for my DiY SM army, i don't know which one looks better, the normal 'ultramarine' blue, the slightly darker 'regal' blue, or the much brighter 'enchanted' blue i used the SM painter to do a mock up of all three of basic tac marines, tell me which you...
  8. Hobby Forums
    Hello! I'am currently adding a jumpy chap. and a assault squad to my ultramarines army and a have a plan for how to paint them... I'm planing on matching the caplain and the squad! the chaplain and the squad will be wearing deathblack armour, gold trims and shoulderpads! i myself...
  9. Introductions
    Hey, this is my first forum post so please be gentle, I decided to start an Eldar army when I saw the new aspect warriors in WD 300-and-something, but was preoccupied with my Tau army (2500pts, 5 tanks) so i never seemed to get around to it, anyways, Alaitoc looks like an attractive force, and...
1-9 of 10 Results