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  1. Dwarf Army Lists
    Here goes my list. Having in mind I hate metal, magic and spending money, there is the list that has suited me pretty well in almost 10 games: Lords: Runelord Anvil of doom Runes: Preservation, Shielding, Stone Talisman: 1 spelleater Heroes: Thane Shield Runes: Stone Talisman: Dismay Dragon...
  2. Xenos Forces
    Hi all, I was wondering what everybody liked best in the way of troops choices so pick away with this multiple choice poll. I was not sure to put in Tervigon, as he can count as Troops or HQ, so I left him out. I chose Hormagaunt Brood and Termagant brood because you can't have enough of...
  3. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    LORDtomb king +fail+chariot +sword of mite+armour of the ages =318pts+golden ankhra HEROliche priest +dispel scroll =140ptsliche priest+dispel scroll =140ptsliche priest+casket of souls = 280pts
  4. Tomb Kings
    Right now, all the attention seems to be focused on winter themed armies. However, a while back several folks expressed interest in a dark bone scheme. Well, after a year of on and off scraping and painting (I am the slowest, most distractable ever :|) I have finally finished my skeleton...
1-4 of 4 Results