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  1. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    Wha Gwan, I am new to Warhammer Fantasy and chose Vampire Counts because they look radical and commanding an undead horde is just.... awesome. Anyway me and a friend are starting and he will most likely be getting Ogres so any additional advice on good ogre counters will also be appreciated as...
  2. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    Hi guys, my friends in the school club are gonna be entering the school league warhammer tournament (played at 800 points), and I thought I should play a few games against them (I'm not entering the tourny as I am already entered the 40K section. Here's the list: Master Necromancer, Lord of...
  3. AoS Battle Reports
  4. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    I'm a playing on halloween with Lizardmen player (retarded combo...I know) and we decided to go magic heavy. The tournament calls for each person to have 1500 points and a partner with 1500 points. The problem is that only one of us is allowed a lord and we're both allowed one hero. I tried for...
1-4 of 4 Results