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  1. 40k Army Fluff
    Craftworld: Isha's Seed Before the great fall there was a pleasure cult on the Eldar home worlds that went by the name of "The Seed of Isha." This once glorious cult was soon tainted as all others by the ultimate lusts and cravings. The once devoted designers and engineers turned away to...
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Key: Black 500pt core, 750pt add ons, 1000pt add ons, Italics are for optional seperate 1000pt army or to be combined with Army A to form a 2000 pt army. Feel Free to leave comments as they are much appreciated. This is the current army im building to be used in tournaments. Also this is my...
  3. Xenos Forces
    How do i make a non craftworld army fit fluffwise? How does one go about creating a craft world? I've been moving a lot lately and now that im somewhat stable I thought i would jump back into Warhammer 40k. Now I was a dedicated Black Templar and Blood Angel player for the bast 4...
1-3 of 3 Results