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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    Hey guys I've decided after my eldar that the Blood Angels were a great army to create my own chapter. They're fast aggressive and I love the models. Anyways I've decided to run a rather elite lower model count DoA army that should fare pretty well. After I post everything ill explain the...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    Hello! It seems that people are only playing 1850+ lists around here. For those of us that are aiming at smaller lists, here is a list that I am building towards. As I have never played BA before, I am not sure how solid it can be... I know that all-jumpy armies are one of the ways to do BAs...
  3. Forces of Imperium
    So before anyone complains that I'm whining over an already powerful character, I'm not :D I don't want him to be more powerful, I just don't understand why they took him the way they did. Firstly. He is one of the oldest spacemarines alive (at least alive enough to be moving without the power...
1-3 of 3 Results