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  1. Dark Elves
    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this post, I have played fantasy for a few months now and I have my first storm of Magic game coming up in a few weeks and I need feedback on my list idea. So I'm playing against wood elves and these are the models I have: 1 dark elf sorceress 28 dark...
  2. Dark Elf Army Lists
    Dreadlord Cold One Sea Dragon Cloak Heavy Armor Shield Hydra Blade Potion of Strength Total - 250pts Master Cold One Sea Dragon Cloak Shield Heavy Armor Battle Standard Bearer Hydra Banner Total - 210pts Sorceress Number 1 Dark Steed Level 2 Tome of Furion Dispell Scroll Total - 187pts...
  3. Dark Elf Army Lists
    Hey guys, Quick bit about me: I've been playing Dark Elves for 9 years (since i was 10 in fact), and have around 7-8 thousand points of Dark Elves, as well as 2000pts of High Elves i have just started. I enjoy the playing of the hobby more than the winning, and models I use in my armies are...
1-3 of 3 Results