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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    hi, me and mate, are thinking of doing a double game in june 2012, in the past we have tryed space marines and tryainds and each time we have came mid table, now we are thinking of using deamons, the rules 1500 points split 750 into each side 1 hq each and 1 troop each and the rest of the...
  2. Daemons of Chaos
    hi guys i was wondering wether anyone had any ideas as to how to personalize deamons and some good alternate colour schemes for the deamons. Any advice on painting and/r converting is useful
  3. Forces of Chaos
    im so pumped up about the chaos deamons8X but unfortunatly the codex still didnt come out were i live:0 and i realy want to start playin with my horrors now so would anyone mind to explain to me the stats, wargear and special rules of the horrors plz?
1-3 of 3 Results