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  1. Projects
    I have no part in this wonderful project, and maybe you've seen it before but I simply have to share it to you guys! Atmospheric Wargaming Watch, drop jaw, weep.
  2. Forces of Imperium
    I am assuming at the start of this article that if you clicked on this thread then you already have your own views and opinions on "Who are the Death Korps". Hopefully some of you have even made your own Krieg armies which is great. However I will be tackling here only the background that is...
  3. Imperial Army Lists
    I am thinking about getting into the game, but before I do so, I wanted to display my proposed army for review/criticism/flaming/"coffee." Here goes: Heavy Support - (545pts) Basilisk Leman Russ Battle w/ Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Hull Lascannon, & Extra Armour Leman Russ Battle w/ Heavy...
1-3 of 3 Results