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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    Have been trying to make a list with a feel similar to the dirty ol' Daemon Chains/Infiltrate Raptors/Thirster Bomb of old. Daemonkin Codex (1083) Lord- Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption (230) Kor'Lath, Axe of Ruin, Power Fist Lord- Juggernaut, Sigil of...
  2. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    This list stemmed from three things. One - I have 36 warriors I am not doing anything with and suddenly learned that having MSU of warriors is generally not the best thing. Two - it is fairly cheap to acquire (relative to GW prices that is). Three - read the lore for Festus, loved it, and...
  3. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Ok so the aim of this army was to have solid units which would really dig into combat, problem with this is i'm not the biggest fan of maruders or war hounds =/ So kinda though, yeah all chaos warrior's army! -Wadey, Prince of Eternity- Chaos Lord 210 375 Tzeentch...
  4. Projects
    welcome one and all to the mega unit! this blog is to record my progress in building and painting the largest unit i can (before insanity kick in, i'll stop at the brink) from the winner of the poll above. so what are you wating for, you want pictures? get voting!
1-4 of 4 Results