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  1. 40k Finished Tacticas
    I'll start this with a little of the "MathHammer" i hear sooo much about, but understand that my honest opinion is, it's a waste and youre better off finding out what a unit/model can do through actual gameplay. Starting simple, Probability is the measure of how likely a result is. In...
  2. Tomb Kings
    Hey guys, I've been surfing the forums have haven't found the answer to this one yet. When Deploying the Casket of Souls, are you required to deploy all Warmahcines and all Characters? The Casket is considered a Warmachine, but is also associated as equipment for the Priest. Do I have the...
  3. 40K Tacticas
    Objective: The goal of this post is to collect and compile a complete tactica on subjects pertaining to terrain setup on a modular table, and army deployment based on army compositions. Three Phases of Tactica I view the game as 3 places to deploy tactics. The first place is scenery. How much...
1-3 of 3 Results