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  1. General Hobby Discussion
    Hi, Recently I have found in Google Play a free app named DicePool (although there is a full version for 0.70€). With this app you can throw dice quickly for your wargames or RPG, even allow you to configure your own special dice for games like Xwing or Bloodbowl, etc. It is fitting me very well...
  2. General Hobby Discussion
    Hi ^_^ Everytime anyone mentions custom dice, we always find the same barrier, © That is over, my friends. From now on, anyone will be able to put anything on a die, and because you will be doing it yourselves, even GW will have to deal with it. (sunglasses on) You will need a Laser printer...
  3. Social Networking
    I run Dereham Warlords, a youth club for war gaming enthusiasts in the Norfolk area, England. Please find our details at MySpace - DEREHAM WARLORDS - 103 - Male - UK - or search dereham warlords on facebook! This youth club is sponsered by: Fear is the path to the...
  4. General Hobby Discussion
    Bumped into this interesting empirical test on rolling dice (including GW dice): DakkaDakka - Articles - That's How I Roll - A Scientific Analysis of Dice. Turns out that dice which don't have rounded corners and which don't have "impurities" (air bubbles or the like) in them will be better to...
  5. Vampire Counts
    I was wondering how many dice people use in order to cast each spell?
1-5 of 5 Results