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  1. Wood Elf Army Lists
    My current list Highborn Light armor, shield, Spear, Sword of Might, Helm of the hunt, Glamourweave, A murder of spites Forest Dragon Spellsinger 2x dispel scroll, upgrade level 2 Branchwraith Cluster of radiants, Annoyance of netlings CORE 3x dryad + nymh unit 1 size=9 unit 2&3...
  2. Vampire Counts Army Lists
    Playing a tourney and feel like doing something different and playing a dragon list (want to show off my model), what do you think? Vampire Lord (general) Nightshroud, Balefire spike, Wristband of Black Gold, Scroll Infinite Hatred, Red Fury, Lord of Death extra magic level, zombie dragon...
1-2 of 2 Results