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  1. Dwarf Army Lists
    Hello all, In preparation for an upcomming project with the dwarven models I have in my possession I am going to post a list which I am hoping to complete in the new year, after Christmas. I have gone over dwarf lists on LO and several other thread pages and have put together this list which...
  2. Dwarf Army Lists
    Played a bit in 6th, and a bit in 7th, looking to really get into these little guys :D Dwarf Lord 145 Points, General free, GW 6 Pts., Shield 3 Pts., Shieldbearers 25 Pts., 1 x Master Rune of Kragg the Grim 20 Pts., 2 x Rune of Fury 50 Pts., 1 x Master Rune of Spite 45 Pts. - 294 Pts...
  3. Dwarf Army Lists
    Hi, After many years I've gathered my throng again for a small friendly (we do play to win, but hold back in cheapness) tournament with 3 other players. I will be facing: Night gobbo's, Deamons (Khorne/Tzeentz) and HE (Balanced list, no purple sun cheese). Lords: Dwarf lord: 266pts Great...
1-3 of 3 Results