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  1. AoS Battle Reports
    basically, i had a friendly game against my friend, both of us just trying out our tourney armies. his army, from memory runesmith - very anti magic with a really solid ward and re-rollable 2+arm thane - BSB, not sure about upgrades, didn't see him in combat at all 20x dwarf warriors - full...
  2. Daemons of Chaos
    What do you guys use for War Machine Hunters when playing against shooty Armies?
  3. Completed Tutorials
    Hiya folks! I've made a tutorial on how I paint my dwarves, using a Thunderer as an example model. I've been abit busy preparing an entry for a local painting competition but I finally found some time to throw this together! Lets hop to it! I started by buying a box of Thunderers/Quarrelers An...
  4. Empire Army Lists
    Hello Folks, This is gonna be a long one! I am putting together a few army lists to play against my friend's Dwarf, Skaven and VC armies. Working on the Dwarf ones at moment as thats what I know how to combat best. I've thought up two fun army lists for 2000 points that should work well in two...
  5. Dwarfs
    Ogres are mean tough, add much needed speed and give a nice kick in close combat. But ogres are REALLY exspensive you can get a nice unit of 20 longbeards with full command for the price for six ironguts. Ogres don't have dwarfesque leadership or armour. My point being that ogres are...
1-5 of 5 Results