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  1. 40k Army Fluff
    Hey guys, i was just sitting thinking away to myself when an idea hit me. IF the Emperor does ever return/awaken, don't you think there's going to be hell to pay?? For a start he rejected religion/dieties- yet has become one, that won't sit well. Everything he worked for has went to ruin, with...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    Whenever you achieve a victory in his name, here you can raise your voice for all to hear the glory of the Guardian of Humanity! aka Acts of faith saved your sisters once more? Something nice happened in your last game? You used Repentia and still won? Every small occasion that made you smile...
  3. Art and Literature
    This has been on my pc for years, I forgot about it until recently then I thought I better do a bit more on it. The unfinished husks of armoured vehicles lay dormant in their alcoves. High above them shell blasts reverberated around the high ceiling, shaking loose years of dust from the...
1-3 of 3 Results