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  1. General Hobby Discussion
    Event information here: Frontline Gaming | Bay Area Open Come and join us for the best Bay Area Open, yet! More prizes! More People! More great times! The grand prize for the 40K Championships: a 1,750 point PAINTED army of the winner's choice, that comes in a custom fit Table War Case...
  2. Other 40k Universe Games
    Warhammer World, 13th December 2008. £12/ticket. £10 for advance sales up to the end of Novemeber 2008. Watch"]this space[/URL] for this year's briefing pack, but it won't change much (I have something new planned for Inquisition, but otherwise, it's...
  3. Other 40k Universe Games
    Where? Warhammer World, Nottingham. When? 22 March 2008 10AM-6PM What? If we get enough people turning up, a day-long one-off campaign designed by veteran Ruaridh Dall. If not, a free-for-all of pick-up games! Why? Why the hell not? 54mm or 28mm? Only 54mm. When attendances regularly...
1-3 of 3 Results