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  1. 40k Finished Tacticas
    I'll start this with a little of the "MathHammer" i hear sooo much about, but understand that my honest opinion is, it's a waste and youre better off finding out what a unit/model can do through actual gameplay. Starting simple, Probability is the measure of how likely a result is. In...
  2. General Announcement
    I just added a few more of the auto awards last night. You can check them out here:
  3. General Announcement
    Librarium Online now offers a new kind of contest. The activity contest where the point is to get as much points as possible by participating in the forums. You get points when doing almost anything from posting, replying, uploading, tagging etc. Check here for more information on how to get...
  4. General Announcement
    Now you get experience points again for participating on the forums. Taken into calculation are these things: Hope this will be fun. You can use your points to buy virtual items in the forum store :cow:
1-4 of 4 Results