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  1. Rumours, News & Previews
    I've made quite a few presentation changes, improved page load times, added a new Member Prestige feature (see below image) and improved the accuracy of the Army Polls by enabling members to leave an army unrated. WFB Member Prestige earned for adding quality battle notes / links, rating...
  2. Rumours, News & Previews
    WFBattles - Online Warhammer Battle Recorder, Leagues, Campaigns & loads of stats! Inviting you to join an interactive Warhammer Fantasy Battle Recording website (it's FREE with no catches - I built it to learn how to program and for a bit of fun). (Create an account and try it...
  3. Ogre Kingdoms
    I am not a fantasy battles player yet (40k ork player actually) but I was wondering, I read somewhere that other races can use ogre units as mercinaries. Is that true? and if so, what races can use them? Any?
1-3 of 3 Results