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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    I've been neglecting my Tau the last few years. I've been competitvly playing Mech Eldar and Blood Angels and I feel it's time to give the Tau some love. My last Tournament I faced 4 landraiders over 3 games with my BA. I destroyed none of them. OHHHH how it made me miss my rail guns...
  2. Hobby Forums
    Hi guys, Below you can find my Farsight enclave's models. Farsight is made from Shas 'o Rhymr. His 3 bodyguards are XV89. My broadsides are also included, i'm especially fond of the plasma effect on the backpacks.
  3. Hobby Forums
    Here's O'Shova or Farsight, however you wanna call him. I've converted him today from a normal crisis suit. It only took about 2 hours, but I'm very satisfied with the results. The blade is from a eldar wraithlord of a friend of mine (i'm very glad he gave me his one). The rest is all stuff...
1-3 of 3 Results