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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    HQ Kairos Fateweaver – 300pts Herald of Khorne w/ Juggernaut of Khorne, Exalted Reward: Hellforged Artifact (Grimoire of True Names), and Exalted Locus of Wrath – 155 Karanak – 120pts TROOPS Bloodletters (10) w/ Banner of Blood and Instrument of Chaos – 130pts Bloodletters (10) w/ Banner...
  2. Chaos Army Lists
    Hey. A friend of mine is challenging me to a game 2000 points. He play space wolves and he does not own that much mech, except his transport of course. Then i decided to make something that will just come down and fry his ass before he can have a change of doing some insane thing like "Jaws"...
  3. Chaos Army Lists
    Hi i got a lot of Tzeentch figures lately so i wanted to try making a good Tzeentch Army List. But I have not use them so much or seen them so help would be nice. HQ FateWeaver Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot + MoS + Legion + Bolt Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot + MoS + Legion + Bolt Elites 4x...
1-3 of 3 Results