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  1. PC & Console Discussions
    I was wondering what kind of video games do you like to play why is that your favorite game and who are your favorite characters from the game?
  2. Off Topic
    I was just wondering since Batman Rises will be coming out in July. Who is everyone's favorite superhero/supervillian and why.
  3. Dwarfs
    I'm new to dwarfs and I've only had a few battles with them, but I'm curious as to what your favorite unit is and why. Now being new to dwarfs I don't really have a favorite unit yet, but I kinda like the idea of suicidal, redheaded, mohawked dwafs. So I like troll slayers, although I have...
  4. Tomb Kings
    Well the King of Curiosity is curious again, this time for *drumroll please*... Incantations! Yes, incantations the wonderful spells we use to keep our army afloat! Your favorite incantation may also be "my will be done," the casket or any bound spells as well! My favorite incantation would...
  5. Tomb Kings
    Today I feel like asking people what their favorite unit is and why? It could be because of how the model looks or what it can do on the battlefield or it could be about the fluff behind the model but I'm just wondering. My personal favorite is the Scorpion. It can come up from the ground and...
  6. Off Topic
    Lets try make a list of our favorite Firefox extensions. Here is a little list of the ones I usually use most :) - Prism - download statusbar -...
  7. Warriors of Chaos
    I know this kind of poll has been posted before, but in this thread I want your choice to be fluff based rather than gaming based. So, who is your favorite Chaos God and why? Also, if you have one, tell me who your least favorite chaos god is and why. Hopefully this thread will get...
1-7 of 7 Results