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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    So I made this list for two reasons: 1 - for fun! 2 - experiment with viability of Swooping Hawks-themed list This is what I came up with. I'd appreciate any feedback! DEATH FROM ABOVE: HQ - Autarch w/Swooping Hawk Wings & Fusion Gun - 100pts FAST - 6 Swooping Hawks, Exarch w/Sunrifle...
  2. Xenos Forces
    So I'm really lazy and the only way to get myself painting is probably by having you guys criticize my terrible painting (this can't be healthy) So here's a picture of my metallic Fire Prism (btw I know a lot of people hate metallics on eldar so sorry)
  3. Xenos Army Lists
    Autarch - Jetbike, Banshee, Scorp sword 130 3 Shinning Spears - Exarch, Withdraw, Cannon 157 1 Faseer - Doom 80 8 Howling Banshees - Exarch, mirror sword, war shout, acrobatic 166 8 Dire Avengers - Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Cats 128 8 Dire Avengers - Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Cats 128 5 Fire...
  4. Projects
    Good Evening All. Dream Thief checking in to kick this thread off. I recently decided to begin an Eldar army, after a good several years of just having Chaos Marines, so it's a fresh start for me. I've always been the creative type so I decided on not following a specific GW craftworld, but...
  5. Xenos Forces
    I recently started playing eldar, and one of my favourite characters is Eldrad Ulthran, but can Eldrad use his Mind war 3 times a round? Let's say a group of dire avengers with dire sword attach Abbadon the dispoiler, the diresword wounds Abbadon, and he fails his leadership, does he die or...
1-5 of 5 Results