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  1. Rules Development
    Alright with 5th edition guard the Tanith have lost a lot of elements, they're still there but they're very much like they were in His Last Command where Gaunt has no command rank and the regiment is commanded by another person. Also they've lost they're structure, they've always been organized...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    2 half finished cadian squads and various bits 1 tanith command squad box set 3 walkers, 1 hellhound, 1 basilisk, 4 chimera transports, 4 leman russ battle tanks 120 guardsmen, 12 flamers, 3 plasma guns, 5 multi-melta's 2 snipers, 5 grenade launchers 6 ratling snipers, 4 lieutenants, 14...
1-2 of 2 Results