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  1. Forces of Imperium
    After a few years out of the hobby I'm finally getting round to it again, for ages I've wanted to do a Tanith army, full fluff of course! My initial plan was to just use vet squads, but I feel like challenging myself. I'm going to re read every book and jot down the names and platoons/squads...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    Hi everybody, I am making a gaunts ghosts army, and, on account of the lack of 5th ed rules, i am playing it like this: Gaunt: Lord commissar corbec: company commander dorden: veteran with medi-pack mad larkin: veteran with sniper and finally: Brin milo: veteran with regimental standard...
  3. Forces of Imperium
    Seeing as how the Gaunt's Ghosts novels drew me back into playing 40K, I eventually wanted to field them as an army. What digging I did here informed me that there were at least some rules for them (or Gaunt himself) in the 3E Codex, but that he/they didn't make the transition to 5E. So, with...
1-3 of 3 Results