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  1. 40k Rules Help
    Alright folks here's a couple that have been driving me insane that I can't get straight answers from anywhere: 1. Do embarked units test for leadership if they lose 25% of their unit? (This could only happen in my mind w/gets hot! and perils) [Morale pg44, Transport Vehicles pg66] 2. Do...
  2. 40k Rules Help
    Hi All, Question one: A. Shooting twice with a plasma pistol doubles the odds of it "exploding", right? B. So, if I roll a 6 and a 2 it "explodes". But if I roll a 2 and a 2 does it "explode" twice, or only once? C. And if I rapidfire with a plasma gun, and roll 1 and 1, does it "explode"...
1-2 of 2 Results