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  1. 40k Army Fluff
    ive had a look around and cant find anything about good warp gods or havent found places that discuss my queries. i wondered why there arent any powerful good gods. im told its because the only emotions expressed strongly enough are bad ones like anger and desire. but what about a god of hope or...
  2. AoS Army Fluff
    There's something that's been bugging me about the WHFB universe for awhile now, and despite reading through old tie-in novels and searching search engines and wikis, I haven't been able to figure it out. And this seemed like the best place to pose a lore question. What exactly ARE the gods of...
  3. Hobby Forums
    So I've had this model for a year or so now and just decided to paint him up. He's going to be used as my ancient carrying the engine of the gods so I wanted him to look older and grumbly haha. I hope you enjoy.
  4. Forces of Chaos
    Hey Guys, I'm pondering about making a chaos army, because I just think they look like a hell of a lot of fun to play and paint. I am not a fan of Tzeentch or Slaanesh, but I am having a lot of trouble picking between Khorne and Nurgle. I play orks, so I do want an army that does not require a...
1-4 of 4 Results