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  1. Hobby Forums
    I'm planning on doing a Tervigon Conversion using a Carnifex kit and a bit of green-stuff. I'm planning on using the Carnifex Body with the spines to represent the stinger salvo/cluster spines, then putting some Carnifex legs on the back, and using Monstrous Creature scything talons to "support...
  2. Hobby Forums
    Hi, I just started on my first ever pack of greenstuff. The idea was to make obliterators from terminators, some left over weapons and GS. I thought; how hard can it be? The answer was, harder than you think... My first concern (I'm sure there'll be more as I go along) how do you prevent the...
  3. Vampire Counts
    Hey all! So, recently I've put together my box of brand new and rather impressive looking Dire Wolves. I'm quite happy with the models, fairly quick and easy to put together, and now they actually look scary. Like they should. Anyway, the whole point of this is to ask about the assembly of the...
1-3 of 3 Results