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grey knight terminators

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    Inquisitor -termi armor -psycannon psyker Inquisitor -Termi armor -psycannon -psyker 10 Termies 2 psycannon psybolts 10 termies 2 psycannons psybolts 5 psykers 2 crusaders 2 warriors w/ bolters 1250 let me know what you tink, this is a start of a battle board. it then moves up to 1500...
  2. Forces of Imperium
    G'day Folks, I have a small nitpicky question regarding the 'Grey Knight Hero's Retinue' for my Grand Master. The boxed rule about it, found on page 11, states that: "The Grey Knight Hero may be accompanied by a retinue of Grey Knight Terminators, chosen from the Elites section of the army...