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gun line

  1. Empire Army Lists
    Hey I'm thinking of Starting an Empire aryu here it is for 2k. plz tell me what you think. Also it's a gun line army so yes if i get hit in combat i'm gonna get my butt kicked. LORDS: Lv 4. Fire Lord Scroll Arch Lector Aldred's Casket of Sorcery Lords=370 HEROES: Lv 2 Metal Wizard Bsb...
  2. Ogre Kingdoms
    Hello People. I need help against the noobiest army known to man and possibly monkey. Its an empire army with six warmachines, forty handgunners, 2 units of infantry, 5 knights, a wizard lord and the rest varies. My usual army has 3 units of 4 'guts, lots of butchers, a tyrant, gorgers, yheetes...