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  1. Introductions
    Hi there everyone, I have been a fan of the warhammer series for a little over a year now and was recently gifted a box of many models, mostly armor comprised of chimeras, leman russ tanks, hellhounds, a death strike launcher, and the artillery pieces all IG/AM. I am really looking forward to...
  2. Hobby Forums
    Ok, so I was browsing on the interwebs, and I came across this video: This is, to date, my favorite color scheme I have every seen for tau, and I would definitely like to paint a riptide of my own (and possibly some crisis suits) in...
  3. Forces of Imperium
    Im new to 40k and decided to go with the Imperial guard but none of my 40k playing friends have the Imperial Guard so i need help. WHat are some tatics for them. I love the tanks but have no idea how to use them or any tatics HELP!
  4. High Elf Army Lists
    Greetings all. I used to have an all cavalry army in 6th edition. When 7th decided to rip the heart out of my silver helms,:crying: I hung up my high helm and stepped away from the hobby for a bit. Here I am once again embracing the asur. :hug-right: A little help creating a competitive, no...
  5. Xenos Forces
    I just started getting into 40k about a week or so ago. I bought AoBR and played only a few small games with a friend (still trying to digest a good portion of the rules but I have basics down I think). In short I'm pawning off the Orks (as fun as they were to play) and giving the SMs to my lil...
  6. Hobby Forums
    Hey this is my first post btw but cood anyone give me any tips on how to paint a great blood angel dreadnought ( the one the assualt on black reach)
  7. Xenos Forces
    Orkish: Alright boyz, me ol' mek shop dun gon kapoot. Da dumb gitz wit all da teef dun rooned 'em. I feelz like Gork haz abanduned meh... :goat: Human: Hey guys, the Gameshop (my local hobby store where I get all my models and paints) has closed down and become just an online store because of...
  8. Tomb Kings
    Hey everyone. I have some questions about when i face my brother, playing empire. Mainly i get shot down to the ground before i can even get into combat with him. By the time i can declare my charges, my chariot units are nearly dead, and my other units are halved. I am very new to Warhammer, so...
1-8 of 8 Results