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  1. High Elf Army Lists
    One list I’ve been using a while and in came 1st in the gauntlet tournament and 2nd in a small tournament between 4 GW stores is this; Teclis Caradryan Noble BSB Light armour Shield Banner of the world dragon 20 archers Banner 29 spearmen Banner 40 Phoenix guard Full command...
  2. High Elf Army Lists
    Hey Everyone looking at this I would like it if u could leave me some feed back on this army list and tell me what u think. Lords Teclis 475 (Taking lore of Life ) Heroes Mage, Lvl2 , The seerstaff of saphery ( The Bearer May choose his spells) 165 (Taking...
  3. High Elf Army Lists
    Hey Guys, I've started entering a few tournaments around Australia and wanted some feedback on my list I have for the next tournament which is 2000 pts. My army isnt win at all costs its a narative army that I enjoy playing. I'm wanting help to get the most out of the units I have mentioned...
1-3 of 3 Results