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  1. Empire Army Lists
    Hochland-themed army (handguns, no knights or stank) Warrior Priest - 119 -AoMI -GW Captain - 83 -BSB -Full Plate 30 Swordsmen - 280 -FC -Det: 15 Halberdiers 10 Handgunners - 105 -Marksmen w HLR 10 Handgunners - 105 -Marksmen w HLR 20 Halberdiers 1 Cannon 1 Mortar That's 967 all up...
  2. Empire
    Currently putting together a Hochland army, wondering about the famous Jaegercorps. Are there any rules for them? Official is better. How would I make them? Anything else would be great.
  3. Empire
    Lately I've been struggling with my Empire Hochland army largely due to my Sisters of Battle needing attention before the supposed upcoming =][= codex. I'm going for a infantry based army (no stank, no knights, may consider outriders but that would be with the expansion). Blocks of state troops...
  4. Empire Army Lists
    Captain -plate armour -shield Wizard -Level 2 -Dispel Scroll 20 Greatswords -Full Command -Detachment of 5 Halberdiers -Detachment of 5 Archers 20 Swordsmen -Full Command -Detachment of 5 Free Company -Detachment of 5 Archers 10 Handgunners -Marksman with Hochland Rifle 10 Handgunners...