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  1. Skaven
    Hey there! I just purchased the IoB box set, and want to start expanding the skaven army a bit. I know I need the army book, and I'm working on getting that as we speak. However, I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions as to what I can do for a next step with the army; Maybe some...
  2. Fantasy Community Games
    Greetings fellow gamers. I've been searching and it seems there isnt a gaming club in my town. I am curious if there are any other warhammer fantasy players in Saratoga Springs NY. I'd really like to meet some gamers in my area to start gaming with on a semi-regular basis. I am located in...
  3. Skaven
    Hi all, I often find the threads in these forums are filled with tactical stuff, and things like what is the best of this or what goes well with that. I thought I would just post something different, something simple. This poll is about what you think looks the best, not what you think is...
1-3 of 3 Results