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  1. Empire Army Lists
    :Di have decided to redo my list as there are a few mistakes. plz ignore my old tread i have no idea how to delete it anyway here it is: karl franz on barded warhorse, reikland runefang-364 bsb captain with full plate, enchanted sheild and talisman of prez-141 lvl 2 wiz-100 master...
  2. Empire Army Lists
    thanks for everyones feedback. made me realise my list suks so now its been redone. lords Karl franz on barded warhorse-364 heores bsbcaptain w fpa, talis of pres and sheild-138 warriro priest w g weap and eavy arma-72 level 2 wiz-100 master emgineer-65 core 40 halbediers, full command, 20...
1-2 of 2 Results