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  1. Chaos Army Lists
    Chaos Lord-155 Terminator Armour MoK Daemon Weapon Kharne-165 4 Terminators-240 MoK 4xChampions 3xTwin Claws 1xChainfist 1xHeavy Flamer Landraider-240 Extra Armour Twin Linked Bolter 8xBezerkers-208 Champion Powerfist 8xBezerkers-208 Champion Powerfist 8xBezerkers-208 Champion...
  2. Projects
    Alright folks... Ill keep it brief as my time is very limited. This force is the start of a 3000 point Black Legion army that leans heavily to Khorne. The first 750 points are the start of a tourney so for now, the army will have 1 selection from HQ, Elite, ect. Paint scheme will be black...
1-2 of 2 Results