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  1. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    Hai :) Time to make a new list, and this time it will be a funny one :P Tomb King [Rajj-Rutta-Rej] Armour of the Ages Blade of Setep Vambraces of the Sun Tomb King [Rej-Rajja-Rutt] Destroyer of Eternities Collar of Shapesh Liche Priest [LarivlE] Cloak of the Dunes Liche Priest [HvatsuG]...
  2. Tomb Kings Army Lists
    This is the 2250 army i have been toying with in the last few weeks and i think this is the buildi have finalized into. the last couple weeks i was playing this build with a unit of ushabti and i have found thier movement to be too slow to jump in the flanks of enemies trying to shut down my...
  3. Hobby Forums
    this is my last finished pieces.are for a commission. Tomb Guards x12 I hope you like it ^^
1-3 of 3 Results