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  1. Forces of Imperium
    I don't like Kroot. So, in my fledgeling Grey Knight army, I've been thinking about converting some Kroot to represent Daemonhosts- basically, the Kroot have been captured by the Ordo Xenos, and posessed in place of humans. I was considering (1) taking Kroot, and modeling their arms tied...
  2. Xenos Forces
    As a wargamer I have access to fairly limited resources, so I have primarily based my army around what is cheap on Games Workshop and other places- primarily Battleforces. As such, I have ended up with many Kroot Carnivores and Stealthsuits, 9 of the latter, and I have expanded my collection...
  3. Xenos Forces
    I don't care for tactical advice, so please don't give me any. I have more than thirty unpainted and largely ignored Kroot, who rarely do anything to help my Mech Tau/Battlesuit-Spam army. Thus, I have stopped including them, with no adverse effects yet... I have heard that Kroot Hounds...
  4. 40k Army Fluff
    Was flipping through some articles on Lexicanum the other day, and got to thinking about the Kroot cannabilism trait. What I got to wondering is, since kroot are susceptible to Chaos corruption by consuming corrupted flesh, and their bodies change at the genetic level to assume some of the...
  5. Hobby Forums
    Hi guys! Wanna see more of my Tau? well, I have finished in this week my Kroots x 10 KROOT X 10 ^^ I have mixed natural colours(2 kind of kroot skin: green and brown/orange) with contrast colours of the "hair" I hope you like it^^
  6. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey guys, I'm typically too involved with my precious Space Pups to run or talk about my Tau and as such it's been almost a full year since I made a list and played with them. I'm facing a series of upcoming games on a terrain heavy board against varied opponents. I will be playing Imperial...
1-7 of 7 Results