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  1. 40K Tacticas
    I have developed a strategy that uses the Storm as a mobile gun platform against armies that have lots of assault units (e.g. Tyranids, Demons). <p> Intro: Land Speeder Storm is Open Topped meaning its occupants can ALL fire measuring their Line of Sight from the hull of the vehicle (Rule Book...
  2. Rules Development
    Land Speeder Interdiction Force Though they are normally seen individually or in small squadrons, Land Speeders may be deployed in larger numbers when squadrons from different companies are combined, or when the Seventh Company of a Codex Chapter, which is entirely equipped with Land Speeders...
  3. Xenos Forces
    Hey everyone, I just had a question about deep-striking land-speeders (and other tanks that can deep-strike such as vendetta/valkyre) If they deep-strike, can they still shoot weapons that turn? And also, if they have more than one weapon and deep-strike, can they shoot all of their weapons...
1-3 of 3 Results