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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    Hey all, I have been competing in a pyramid league and have revamped my list which you can find here. original I know my original list was a wwp base but in my last game against space wolves thunderwolf cav ate everything that came out of the portals. Also every list in this league is...
  2. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Greetings to all, So the time is upon me, I have finally joined league play at my local gaming club and my opponents are all ten year plus veterans so it should be fun. I have thought long about this list and believe that I have almost all the kinks smoothed out ... but of course I can be...
  3. Wood Elf Army Lists
    Heroes Spellsinger [175] Level 2 2x Dispell Scrolls Spellsinger [175] Level 2 2x Dispell Scrolls Wood Elf Noble [117] Army Standard Bearer Saemrath, Banner of the Zenith Light Armor Wood Elf Noble [93] Elven Steed Light Armor Spear Shield Core Units 10x Glade Guard [126] Lord’s...
1-3 of 3 Results