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  1. Art and Literature
    Hi all, Inspired by the stories in the third round of the LO Short Story competition (Which you should totally go and read and vote for if you haven't already!) I decided to actually finish the entry I had started but didn't get done in time to enter. I went with a fairly literal...
  2. Art and Literature
    It's a bit of a long one, around 1950 words, but hopefully worth the read - Enjoy! * The Silver Mist Dhuzzak, Archon of the Kabul of the Falling Blade, sat in the ever-present twilight bathing the top-most tower of his spire, a goblet of his family's personal wine in hand as he...
  3. Art and Literature
    Just posting my story here so I can link it in to the main thread. ~-~-~-~-~-~-~ Winter’s Grip It was the darkest day of their latest Sigmar-forsaken quest thus far, and if Kinsley had to face another day in a storm like this he was damn near turning an abrupt about-face and leaving the...
1-3 of 3 Results