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  1. 40k Rules Help
    I can find where it says that your own models from the same unit do not block line of sight. So than your own models from a different unit in front of another squad could potentially block line of sight? And non skimmer tanks block LoS for both parties, but do skimmers? Or is it based on...
  2. High Elves
    hello, The other day I was playing a friend of mine, and we got in a discussion about the LOS of a unit inside a wood. we thought the rules of the BRB where not as clear as we liked, so i'm asking it here :) so got a few questions: 1 when can a normal unit charge another unit when it is still...
  3. AoS Rules Help
    I was wondering: 1) if a unit was on a hill can it see over a wooded area? 2) Also if a large target was behind a woods can other units see it (both those on ground level and on hills) 3) if a large target is on a hill can it see over everything else?
1-3 of 3 Results