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  1. Vampire Counts
    Hey there first post on here so here goes, I have never really been competitive in warhammer just for fun really but i wanted to try and get into it a bit more and play with some friends, I currently have 3 vargheists, 40 zombies a necromancer and a wight king and I just wanted help to see what...
  2. Xenos Forces
    This is the list I want/need to crack. HQ Ghazghkull/Big mek TROOPS 2x19 Boyz- Choppa & Slugga. 2 Nobz- Bosspole/slugga/PK ELITES 1x10 Burna Boyz 1x7-9 Nob Squad- 1 Pain boy. Lots of PK/Big Choppas HEAVY 3 Battlewagons- Deff rolla/RPJ/Big shoota. I have played against this list at 1500...
1-2 of 2 Results