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  1. Lizardmen Army Lists
    This is my first Lizardmen army list. Just for fun, playing against different armies of my friends. Please comment, thanks. Core: 12 Skink Skirmishers 20 Saurus Warriors All with Spear Full Command = 354 Heroes: Saurus Scar-Veteran Light Armour Cold One (Joins the Cold One Cavalry Unit)...
  2. Lizardmen Army Lists
    Because ill never know who ill play when rolling for scenarios and all that so i tried having a all round list with what i've got here it goes: Slann -FOM -FOR -BSB -Cupped Hands =395 Saurus OldBlood -Carnosaur -Armor of Destiny(rulebook) -Obsiden Blade(rulebook)...
  3. Lizardmen Army Lists
    Lord Saurus Oldblood - 225 Biting Blade Maiming Shield Glyph Necklace light armor Heros Skink Priest - 150 lvl 2 upgrade dispel scroll diadem of power Skink Chief - 384 light armor shield Stegadon Warspear Ancient Stegadon Core 19 Saurus Warriors - 227 Hw / shield musician standard...
  4. Rumours, News & Previews
    All posted on my "blog" page (see signature below). Also, posted a pic of new Dark Elves shield designs.
  5. Rumours, News & Previews
    It seems like the Steg has 3 different assembly options (I guess they will have a lot to do with the sort of howdah you take - I'm wondering if there are different rule sets ?) Some people might like this piccie and others might not, it shows a different angle and more of the howdah but some...
1-5 of 5 Results